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Practice the spirit of giving in Ramadan by starting with your family and friends. Exchange chocolate and date gifts when you visit them or surprise them with fancy giveaways when they see you. Better yet, showcase your desserts, chocolates, and giveaways in a glamorous Ramadan or Eid dessert table set up. 

Le Chocolatier Dubai provides an exquisite collection for Ramadan, eid, and hajj chocolates packed in Ramadan Eid chocolate dates trays,  Ramadan Eid chocolate dates boxes,  Ramadan Eid chocolate dates hampers,  Ramadan Eid chocolate dates baskets or even small Ramadan Eid giveaway chocolate dates boxes and other souvenir gifts, all prepared to perfection to make your events memorable and sweet, so you celebrate in style with your family and loved ones. 

Le Chocolatier Dubai offers a wide variety of designed Ramadan and Eid chocolates and dates arrangements. Try our beautifully decorated 1001 nights Arabian-themed chocolate, embellished with a gem on each chocolate. Our chocolates are adorned with small metallic ornaments such as lanterns, crescents, coins, and many more. We use the finest quality materials for packaging.

We team up with several suppliers to provide you with the best. We offer several other sweets with our chocolate like decorated themed cookies, decorated themed cake pops, decorated themed cupcakes, decorated cake, caramel cubes, coconut balls,  Turkish delights with biscuits, donuts towers, marzipan towers, macaroon towers, Calissons or mini cakes, to name some. 

Contact us today to get yours on time! We offer fast delivery in Dubai and within the UAE.